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About Dellison.


I am a therapeutic coach who is intentional about helping people identify the elements and interrupt the patterns which hinder their performance, sabotage their personal and professional relationships, and ultimately stagnate their lives. 

Understanding why humans do what they do, I find sincere joy in working with people to co-create safe spaces that promote understanding and encourage authenticity. 

Against the backdrop of psychology and cognitive behavior therapy, I have successfully built global teams, developed human talent and coached numerous persons across the Americas and the Caribbean. 

Personally, however, I am no stranger to challenges.

I know the weight of critical illness.

I identify with the pain of losing loved ones. 

I know the shock of sudden job loss.

I remember being desperate for closure when relationships fell apart.

I know what it is like to not have the vocabulary to express thoughts and emotions.

I struggle with imposter syndrome, and I go to war daily against anxiety and intrusive thoughts.

You see, change came for me when I nurtured my spirituality and learned the importance of self-care.


I discovered the healing power of self-awareness and mental flexibility, and I gained the confidence to reveal the most purposeful, driven, and authentic version of myself.


This is exactly what I want to help you become!

Let me work with you to:

  • Enrich your Family Life 

  • Improve Couples Communication 

  • Advance in Personal Growth

  • Explore Career Options 

  • Develop your Emotional Intelligence

  • Strengthen your Mental Resilience

  • Discover your Purpose 

  • Overcome Spiritual Stagnation 


On your mark, get set...GROW! 

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