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As a lifelong student of social anthropology, I find true joy in connecting with persons of varying cultures, swapping life stories and co-creating safe spaces which promote understanding, authenticity, and growth. 

With a diverse body of work experience and an arsenal of foreign languages, I've had the humbling privilege of building global teams, developing talent and coaching numerous individuals in several countries including Peru, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, Argentina, Panama and Barbados over the past fifteen (15) years.


I have compiled an indispensable skill set covering key areas such as leadership, organizational development, communication and change management which equips me to work harmoniously with any personality type and achieve the performance goals set before me. 

On a personal note, I am no stranger to challenges!

I understand the pain of sickness and losing loved ones. 

I have first-hand experience with the uncertainty and stress that follows job loss.

I remember searching for closure when some of my relationships ended.

I have wrestled with low confidence.

I have battled against anxiety and depression.

I know what it is like to not have the vocabulary to express thoughts and emotions. 

I have stood nervously at the crossroad of major decisions.


But change came for me when I explored my spirituality and opened my mind to recognize the transformative power available to me through self-awareness, accountability, and mental flexibility. I found the freedom to be the most purposeful, driven, and authentic version of myself. And this is exactly what I want to help you become!

Areas of Focus:


Amongst other areas, I am equipped and ready to help you:

  • Enrich your Family Life 

  • Improve Couples Communication 

  • Advance in Personal Growth

  • Explore Career Options 

  • Develop your Emotional Intelligence

  • Strengthen your Mental Resilience  

  • Discover your Purpose 

  • Overcome Spiritual Stagnation 

Are you ready for us to go on the journey? 

You will only experience change when you change what you experience! 

about dellison

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